In my exhibition, boats represent not only a means of escape from a tumultuous climate, but also change, decisions, and moments that shape my generation'a identity. Documenting and interpreting the narratives of my family into visual metaphors are my attempts to reconcile my experiences as an offspring of refugees. At the same time, I am able to share the perspectives of the older generation to show that they are not singular experiences, nor are they simple stories.
Design of the promotional postcard, which was distributed throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
Ouroboros illustration and details made into linoleum cut relief print, which became part of the water motif of the centerpiece sculpture.
Linoleum cut pattern of mementos and things carried throughout the stories relief printed onto various mulberry, calligraphy, and funeral papers with further experimentation.
Prints of the mementos were folded into paper boats with a larger edition constructed with a bamboo frame to be part of the center. The Ouroboros was reprinted onto a 6' x 6' canvas roll to create presence.
The main boat as well as a select few were underlit to represent the unique stories of a people, but also serve to remind that there are many that also remain untold.
*Supported in part by the Arts Council for Long Beach and the City of Long Beach as well as California State University, Long Beach. Further Illustrations will be added later.
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